Power monitoring

Electric measurement & monitoring products include digital display electric measurement meter, multi-function power meter, multi-loop electric meter, DIN-rail mounted energy meter, protection controller and electric transducer, which are used for data acquisition and centralized monitoring of the power distribution system.


Power quality improvement

Power quality control products include active power filter (SFR-APF), static var generator (SFR-SVG) and intelligent low-voltage power capacitor module, which are used for comprehensive management of harmonic, reactive power compensation, and improvement of power factor, so as to improve power quality and energy efficiency of the power system.



Sfere electric software products include Cloudview power monitoring system and Cloudview energy management system. By using the Internet platform coupled with cloud computing technology of the Internet of Things, the product platform can collect measuring data from different places simultaneously and upload onsite real-time power monitoring data to the cloud server in a wired or wireless manner, thus meeting customers’ demands for remote monitoring of electrical parameters, analysis of energy consumption data, diagnosis of energy saving, failure warning, historical data backtracking and output of various personalized reports. All monitoring data is stored in the cloud, so users cannot only access and browse data through PC, but also access data through a mobile phone APP in real time. Featuring a user-friendly interface and easy operation, the platform can provide data in the form of bar graphs, pie charts, dial plates and curves. Modular design is adopted for system functions which allow customized service.

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